Vimar Construction excels in the design, manufacturing, and installation of curtain walls, window walls, and other architectural facades, boasting an impressive annual production exceeding 2,583,000 ft2. With a dedicated in-house glass processing plant, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for curtainwall systems, integrating steel, and glass components to meet diverse architectural needs. Our focus on curtain wall and window wall systems, alongside variants of curtainwall designs, enables us to deliver innovative, high-quality materials and efficient processes. This integrated approach ensures we not only meet but exceed client expectations, crafting standout, state-of-the-art architectural solutions.

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Dedicated to the design, planning, manufacturing and instalation of all types of architectural envolpes, facades, windows and interiors for various types of construction nationwide.

Innovative solutions for every project

Entrusted by the largest construction firms and the most prestigious architectural studios, the journey from the drawing board to the final touch is expertly navigated. Innovation is at the core of each project, bringing tailored, cutting-edge solutions to the table. Every demand is uniquely met, ensuring the delivery of architectural masterpieces, consistently exceeding expectations. This is more than a service - it's a partnership, a collaboration that crafts visions into structural realities.

Our manufacturing plant spans 162,000 square meters, and stands as a premier supplier for any world-class development.

We are equipped with the most sophisticated machinery for the automatic machining of parts to achieve the quality and precision required by engineering.

  • Over 1,700 Collaborators
  • 3 & 4 axis Machining Centers.
  • 5 axis Machining Center + Cutting.
  • Single-head saws.
  • Double-head saws.
  • Aluminum Panel Fabricator.
  • Glass cutting tables.

We process 80% of the tempered and insulated glass demand for our projects directly at Vitrogenera, our glass processing plant.

  • Convection tempering oven.
  • Insulated glass assembly machine.
  • Automatic glass cutting table.

Efficient, Automated, Integrated

Our vertical integration of the processes of the entire value chain of the desing-installation cycle gives us total control of development times, which reduces the total cost of the projects.

Empowering Projects with In-House Design Excellence

Thanks to strategic alliances with our suppliers we can offer the best quality materials, at the lowest price and backed by an excellent service, added to this, we have the capacity and knowledge to work with the brands and products that each client proposes.

We also have our own glass processing plant, which allows us to manufacture 80% of the glass we use in our projects.

We manufacture over 2,583,000 ft2 of product per year

There's no project too big or demand too challenging. This scale is more than a number—it's a testament to an unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality, remarkable reliability, and relentless pursuit of perfection. Delivering the extraordinary—consistently and confidently—that's the promise behind each square foot.

Explore Our Signature Projects

Discover the breadth of our expertise through our showcased projects. Each represents a blend of innovative design, precision engineering, and exceptional quality. From towering curtain walls that redefine skylines to window walls that blend aesthetics with functionality, our portfolio illustrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence. Dive into our projects to see how we bring visionary concepts to life, delivering not just structures, but landmarks that stand the test of time.

BBVA Building

Designed and constructed by SOM / Hill International, our team crafted an innovative curtain wall system across 50,000 m2. This project highlights our ability to blend aesthetics with performance, delivering a standout solution that elevates the building's design and efficiency.


Envisioned and executed by Sordo Madaleno, we developed a bespoke facade solution over 38,100 m2. This endeavor showcases our proficiency in merging architectural beauty with functional excellence, providing a distinctive feature that accentuates the complex's modernity and sustainability.

Santander Call Center

Designed and built by Studio Lamela / AD Tec, we delivered a specialized facade system across 9,400 m2. This project demonstrates our capability in integrating innovative design with operational efficiency, creating a workspace that is both visually appealing and conducive to high productivity.

Reforma 509

For the Reforma 509 building, a collaboration with Taller G / Bovis, we executed a facade project over an expansive area of approximately 523,126 square feet. This project underscores our commitment to innovative design and engineering excellence. Our work on the building enhances its iconic status in the cityscape, blending modern aesthetics with functional sustainability to create a landmark that is both visually striking and environmentally responsible.

The Villas Montage in Los Cabos

Designed and constructed by Idea Asociados / GFA, spans an impressive area of approximately 127,014 square feet. Situated in the picturesque Cabo San Lucas, BCS, this project exemplifies our adeptness in harmonizing luxury and functionality, crafting an exclusive retreat that offers both aesthetic beauty and comfort. Our involvement showcases state-of-the-art design and construction techniques that cater to the sophisticated demands of luxury living.

One-Stop Construction Solution: Steel, Concrete, and Glass Facades

Bundle your steel, concrete, and glass facade needs with us and witness an elevated level of coordination, consistency, and efficiency. This all-in-one approach ensures not only flawless execution but also a cohesive, state-of-the-art final product that stands out.